Safe Tourism

Construction date: 2020

Location: Belarus

Type: Tours

Geographic coordinates: 53.891391,27.550048

The hotels and sanatoriums of Belarus have opened the tourist season.

Most hotels and sanatoriums have announced about the resumption of the reception of guests.
They are ready to have Belarusians and foreign guests in compliance with the highest standards of health and safety. A set of preventive measures has been laid down and is being implemented to prevent the spread of any viral infections.
The rules provide for:
    Health monitoring of all employees of the accommodation facility. Employees with signs of respiratory infections will not be allowed to work.
    All hotel and sanatorium staff will provide personal protective equipment.
    Undertaking mandatory thermometry of all guests upon arrival, as well as daily thermometry in the morning and evening with fixing the data.
    Continuous cleaning with disinfectants in common areas and guest rooms;
    Disinfection of air in separate rooms using closed bactericidal recirculators;
     Establishment of the regime and order of work of places of food and the provision of medical services, taking into account the exclusion of crowds;
     Recommendations to hotel guests and sanatoriums not to leave the territory during their stay or treatment (rehabilitation) unless necessary;
     Sporting and cultural events will be organized mainly outdoors and with the provision of physical distance of people.
     Certain types of services, the provision of which is associated with an increased risk of respiratory infections, will not be provided, and therefore additional medical and health services will be assigned to the guests of the sanatoriums.
       Please note that the hotel or the sanatorium has the right to establish its own additional conditions for registration (filling out questionnaires, etc.), accommodation and staying on its territory to ensure sanitary safety.


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  • Safe Tourism

    The hotels and sanatoriums of Belarus have opened the tourist season.

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    A foreign citizens entering Belarus from the following countries are not required to be in isolation


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